Deanna and Rox Sept20

We, Roxane and Deanna, are a very small business, committed to providing customer service and contributing to positive ecology generally.  In 2011, we took over from Jacqui Hunter, the original owner of Jaki Bokashi, who was the first to bring the bokashi concept to South Australia.

We make the bokashi mix and buckets ourselves, and as such are in touch with the quality of our products, and able to answer your questions.

A few words from Deanna …

I’ve been using bokashi composting for many years now. I like the entire process of returning the food scraps to the earth, it feels like I’m contributing to something good. The biggest advantage is that the system can be inside and this is great for the modern home. My vision includes a Jaki Bokashi van driving around Adelaide collecting bokashi bins from apartments and returning the food scraps to community gardens.

A few words from Roxane …

I’ve had great luck over the years with gardening, and I think this is why I have developed a love for it. That said, I’d never been able to get fertilising or composting into either my routine or skill base. With bokashi, I’m pretty chuffed with myself to be able to do both! Yep, it’s easy and convenient enough even for me! My tomatoes grew right through winter, and I’ve decided it was the bokashi 🙂