We, Deanna and Roxane, acknowledge that we are members of a colonising people who have harmed this Australian land, and the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people who were here before us, and are the continued custodians of this land.

We thank Aboriginal Australians for their generosity in repeatedly offering to share their country, culture and knowledge, each of which are a rich privilege to be offered. We meet this offer with thanks and respect. We know that has not been the case in our people’s past; we perpetrated atrocities that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Australians are still painfully and destructively feeling the intergenerational consequences of.

Healing Eucalyptus, Mansfield Park, South Australia

In recognising this, we seek to take responsibility for our contributions to the growth of our Anglo Australian culture, by:
– considering and taking care of the land in our personal and professional actions
– contributing to the healing of the land through both Jaki Bokashi products and non-business activities such as tree-planting
– actively educating ourselves about Aboriginal experiences, expectations and desires, so as not to do further harm to the cultural, spiritual, physical, emotional, linguistic and financial health of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Australians
– participating in social actions to redress the actions of our ancestors, and lay a respectful, solid foundation for the entry of our people to Australia, from which we can then move forward together
– participating in healing activities for the benefit of all.