What Jaki Bokashi users say about us?

Deals with waste effectively
“Since commencing the use of the system our Adelaide office has composted over 200kg of food waste in an office of 70 people.”
– Barnaby Smith, Senior Environmental Scientist, URS Australia Pty Ltd

No bad smells
“We’ve been using a Bokashi bucket in our staff lunch room for the last year, it’s so convenient & keeps all the ‘smell detectives’ happy.”
– Chris Banks, Mount Barker Community Health Service

Easy management
“Everyone willingly participates. We would certainly not go back to the old system.”
– Margaret Hurrell, Manager Administrative Services, UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide Inc

“I find the system really easy and convenient to use – no trudging up to the compost bin in inclement weather – and it is an extra bonus to be able to dispose of food waste like meat, fish etc., which is not possible with ordinary composting.”
– Di Potter

“Before Bokashi, dealing with food scraps required effort, skill and dedication. I have tried most of the alternatives – compost bin, worm farm, direct garden burial, feeding chooks and ducks, even a goat. Altogether too much sorting and separating, chopping, forking, tumbling and turning, and then when your attention slips, having to dispose of putrid failed binfuls.”
– Wendy Willow

Plants love it!
“We’ve got petunias beginning to flower again, it’s crazy because it is now mid June.!!”
– Pam Gurner-Hall and Jorge Castillo

“I’ve used it to turn poor stony soil into a productive vegetable patch in less than a year, and the produce has been healthy and full-sized.”
– Doug Bickerton, Certificate Horticulture Amenity, Bachelor Applied Science, Master Natural Resource Management

“I have had an orchid plant for 40 years, which to my memory had not flowered for at least the past 20 years. I started using some of the Bokashi liquid on it, and much to my astonishment it produced a healthy flower stem.”
– Di Potter

Great for drains
“My drains have required yearly, sometimes 9 monthly cleaning due to excessive root problems. It is now 18 months since I have had to call the plumber, and although roots still accumulate, I find them easy to remove. Cost saving for each plumber’s visit – $90+.”
– Di Potter

Perfect for your staffroom kitchen
“To make it as easy as possible for staff, there is a small flip top bin on the bench which they put scraps into during the day, and at the end of each day this is emptied into the bokashi container and some bokashi mix is added. We have 2 containers so that I can swap them when one gets full. When it is full (about once a month for the size we use), I take the tub home and let it sit for a couple of weeks before adding it to my compost bin.”
– Margaret Hurrell, Manager Administrative Services, UnitingCare Wesley Port Adelaide Inc

Rural homes and gardens
“We have had our Bokashi kitchen waste system in operation for over a year now and it’s fantastic! We have a Bio-waste ‘sewerage and grey water’ system also and find the run off from the Bokashi bucket great to keep the microbes moving in the Bio-waste tanks, not to mention the great vege patch we have as a result of the compost.

We make trenches in the ‘rested’ area of the vege patch seasonally and then replant in a rotational fashion and haven’t needed to add any other fertiliser. As we have a sandy soil we needed additional carbon matter in the soil to retain some moisture. The compost helps a lot with this and with a top up of additional peastraw the combo keeps a lid on the evaporation as well as conditions the soil.

The indigenous plant species don’t seem to be worried with the additional natural compost either and we have used it specifically when we plant small new plants to help with a slow release of nutrient and much needed carbon and water retention capability.”
– Pam Gurner-Hall and Jorge Castillo

Water retention
“I live in the hills on a large sloping block, with very poor soil and poor water retention. There has been considerable improvement in the areas which have been composted with Bokashi, and in particular a noticeable improvement in water retention.”
– Di Potter