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Grow Inspired with Claire Mummery – New Zealand

Founder of Grow Inspired, Claire Mummery is one of New Zealand’s foremost pioneers in sustainable living, nutrient-rich food production and large-scale organic garden development. Claire is endorsed by ZingBokashi and EMNZ, and her extensive experience in organic practices, sustainability and permaculture now spans three decades.


Bokashi World – Global

Founded by Jenny Harlen, Bokashi World is your go-to bokashi blog. Jenny has been experimenting with bokashi for over 10 years and has created a wealth of knowledge from composting to food gardening and everything in between. Her latest project is Bokashi Myanmar.


Bokashi Myanmar

Bokashi Myanmar officially started in March 2019 by three co-founders – Jenny Harlen from Bokashi World/Bokashi Sweden, Inda Aung Soe and Aye Aye Than with two global bokashi experts Stefania Cao, Bokashi Belgium and Claire Mummery, Bokashi New Zealand.

This short video explains why. 

The bokashi story continues to evolve and we’re committed to growing the community. If you need a contact for bokashi and/or EM in a particular country, please reach out and we will do our best to help.